Last one standing

Three Trees, Ben Dolman 2018 - Digital [photograph 1]

Yesterday I returned to a location by the River Trent where I have done a series of photographs over the past 4 years that developed into a body of work called 'The Trespasser'. In the past the River Trent was referred to as the trespasser due to it's proneness to flooding the adjacent lands. When I first visited the location in December 2013 I came across a line of three trees along the riverbank, two of the trees had been badly damaged from a recent winter storm but all were standing. The first photograph below [photograph 2] is of the left tree. After this initial visit my intent was to return to the location and take a photograph of the line of trees with my 8x10 camera but in the meantime before my returned there were two further winter storms. Buring that winter the Atlantic Conveyor Belt brought a series storms to the UK in quick succession and the country suffered some of it's worst flooding in recent times. On my return the left tree had been completing blown down leaving just two trees [photograph 3]. Over the following year the farmer cut up the fallen tree leaving only a skeletal rump [photograph 4]. Three years later the right-hand tree has now been blown over whilst the left-hand tree felled four years ago is now spouting new branches from the old tree trunk [photograph 1]. My intention to return to photograph the central remaining tree with my 8x10 camera but I wonder if the remaining tree will be still standing by the time I return.

Three Trees (close-up shot), First Visit in December 2013 [photograph 2]

Three Trees (after the storm), Second Visit in January 2014 - 8x10 BW Neg [photograph 3]

Three Trees, 2015 - 8x10 BW Neg  [photograph 4]