River Soar, Ben Dolman 2017 - 8x10 Black & White Negative

Over the past month I have been working at a location close to home where I can go to at short notice when there is a break in the weather. The location is along the River Soar next to a large railway viaduct, what originally drew me to the place was it has public right of way, a right of way that takes you from town to countryside. The location is quite humble which I find appealing and it has taken quite a few visits to slowly get a feel and a sense of the place. What I find intriguing about the location is it is an island, an island in a river which I think is man made and the result of when the railway viaduct was built across the River Soar. To one side of the island is the River Soar and on the other side is an canal that confluence on both ends of the strip of land making the island or eyot. To access the island there are two bridges, one crosses the River Soar whilst the other crosses the canal. Due to the separation of the land from the adjoining pasture and the outskirts of an industrial estate nature has in the main been left alone with only traces of human use found in the pathways left by walkers through the scrubland dotted occasionally with dog shit.

Ford: Version-01, Ben Dolman 2017 - 8x10 Black & White Negative

Ford: Version-02, Ben Dolman 2017 - 8x10 Black & White Negative

Ford: Version-03, Ben Dolman 2017 - 8x10 Black & White Negative