The Here and Now

The Here and Now, Ben Dolman 2016 : 8x10 Black & White Negative

"If you are going to survive riding a bike you have to be totally concentrated on the here and now - everything observed of the here and now. You do not think about the past and future, you do not have memories, you do not have expectations except the immediate ones which are to be negotiated - and this concentration of the here and now is curiously calming - because whilst you are alive and moving, you notice what you are moving through and that is all that exists."

Quote from John Berger, The Art of Looking - TV Documentary. BBC. First Shown 6th November 2016

River Soar, Ben Dolman 2016 : 8x10 Black & White Negative

Last night I sat down to watch a new TV documentary "The Art of Looking" featuring John Berger the reknowned art critic, during the programme there were worthy quotes every two minutes but one monologue stood out for me and it was about the 'here and now'. As I am getting older I tend to seek the here and now more and the past and the future less, the past tends to be filled with regret whilst the future is increasingly uncertain with thoughts of one's own mortality. In the here and now one is drawn to experience the moment, the very act of living and being which I guess is why I am drawn to photography, the medium that perhaps best captures the present moment.

Time to re-read "Understanding a Photograph" by John Berger