Billa Barra | 8 x 10

Billa Barra, Ben Dolman 2016 : Black & White Negative - Landscape Version

During my first visit to Billa Barra a solitary tree caught my attention and I have recently returned to photograph it again on my 8x10 camera. After developing and scanning the film I think this subject may be developed further as the winter sets in and the landscape is stripped bare. I need to address the subject compositionally, at the moment it is presented as a specimen, central in the picture frame, slightly impersonal which is fine but I think or should I say I want to be a little bit more playful and see if I can reveal more from this location noting it history as an ancient burial site, quarry, landfill site before finally becoming a nature reserve. The tree as a metaphor for the human use or misuse of landscape has often been used by photographers, the photographer I tend to reference most on this take of photography is Robert Adams and I am looking to the publication of his Cottonwoods by Steidl early next year.

Billa Barra, Ben Dolman 2016 : Black & White Negative - Portrait Version