England Viewed from Scotland - 8x10 Version

England Viewed from Scotland, Ben Dolman 2016 : 8x10 BW Negative

This photograph was a tricky shot, when I took the photograph I was not sure if it would work. I rose to a morning shrouded in a thick dense mist, visibility was poor but I decided this was the only day whilst I was in the Scottish borders before returning home that the light was workable, the forecast was sun for the rest of the week. The scene was due south and any direct sunlight would render the photograph useless through lens flare, I was using a Schneider 210mm XL lens which is a fish bowel of a lens and  near impossible to shield from direct sunlight. By the time I got down to the north bank of the River Tweed the mist was starting to clear and the sun was quickly coming into view, fortunately I had scouted the location a couple of days before and knew the best location and how I wanted to frame and compose the shot, within a couple of minutes the photograph was taken capturing the moment between mist and sunshine, land and water, and between countries.